Dog Talk – Caring for your pet during The Dog Days


Times Columnist

The heat is on!

Dogs do not sweat, they pant to stay cool.

With summertime coming to an end, the heat will continue to be extreme, so please provide your dog with lots of water! I suggest getting a baby pool from the dollar store. They are cheap and will provide relief for your dog as well as drinking water! Keep it in the shade if possible.

The humidity can cause skin issues too! If you wash your dog at home, be sure to dry your dog completely.

Fleas are bad! With no winter to speak of, fleas are abundant! The best preventative is the flea pill, Confortis. It does have side effects like seizures, so be sure to ask your veterinary before administering. It lasts one month (I give every 25 days).

Heart worm preventatives must be given monthly! Mosquitoes carry heart worms so I spray Adams Flea and Tick mist on the dog after every bath and then let it dry on them. I get this product from the feed store. It smells nice too!

For a review of what to do when you get your new dog:
Shots – once a month for three months, then rabies shot.
A tag should be given with rabies shots. Attach it to the dog’s collar as proof.

The dog collar should not be too tight or too loose! I like the thin collar of no more than 1/2″ wide. They are more comfortable. You can take the collar off at night or when inside. If the neck is losing hair from the collar rubbing, purchase a new kind of material. I’m all about comfort!

(Please spay or neuter your pets!) 


Stephanie Kraemer
Stephanie’s Pet Cottage
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