Farmers’ Market to open at Country Market


Ponchatoula Farmers’ Market joins growing farm-to-table movement

A new era in healthy tourism is waiting in the wings, with promises of a Ponchatoula Farmers’ Market to sprout in mid-September downtown, behind the Ponchatoula Country Market, The Times can now confirm.

This farmers’ market will be in addition to the ones operating in Hammond, Independence and, until recently, in Amite.

Surrounding parishes have been swept up in the farm-to-table craze that seems ideal for our area, where family farms are not a rarity.


Preliminary plans in Ponchatoula call for a Sunday afternoon public market offering all manner of local, fresh veggies, related foodstuffs, later crafts, to complement the many already offered inside the Ponchatoula Country Market, the iconic former Ponchatoula rail depot with its storied history.

Local farmers the likes of Dudley Clark and J.R. Bardwell will be asked to lend their knowledge and expertise to assist Country Market officials Margie Marcombe and Rebecca Deibel in establishing the new market.

The Times is and will remain an enthusiastic supporter of the newest farmers’ market in Tangipahoa Parish.

Look to this newspaper for news and updates on local participation in what has become a nationwide enthusiastic drive for healthier living, based on locally-grown food for the dinner table.

One Loranger farm in particular, Berry Hill, boasts a subscription membership that enjoys home delivery of fresh farm produce, in-season.

In the Ponchatoula area, Rouses Markets advertises its close link to local farms as a definite selling point.