Ponchatoula hosts second streets workshop for the region


Assistant to Mayor Zabbia

On Wednesday, September 27, myself along with the Regional Planning Commission hosted a Complete Streets Workshop for the city.

The second such workshop is also hosted by Ponchatoula on Wednesday, October 18 8:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. It will be a luncheon meeting and those wishing to attend should call Rhonda Sheridan at Ponchatoula City Hall to reserve a place.

“Complete Streets” are designed and operated to enable safe access for all users regardless of age, ability or mode of transport.

These professional workshops provided information and training to promote cross-disciplinary decision-making among multiple departments and stakeholders. The workshops were designed for a diverse audience, including engineers, planners, transportation officials, elected officials, and advocates. The workshops were as follows:

Workshop 1: Introduction to Complete Streets identified challenges to walking and bicycling on local streets, introducing key complete streets concepts and issues, present a range of design and operation approaches and strategies, and concluded with a walking audit on a nearby street.

Workshop 2: Complete Streets Policy Development explored the components of a complete streets policy, engage attendees in a policy-development exercise, and identify viable opportunities for implementing complete streets in the City of Ponchatoula. Engineers, grant getters, developers and members of the public interested in attending

Included in the first workshop were: Rhonda Smith Sheridan – Mayor’s Office, Karen Parsons-Principal Planner with Regional Planning Commission, Matthew Rufo, AICP –  Senior Planner with asakura robinson, Nelson Hollings, Transportation Planner for Regional Planning Commission,  Ellen Soll – Soll Planning, Bill Moran representative for the Ponchatoula Police Department, City Works Department Representative, Charles Zweifel & Pierre James, Representing the Ponchatoula Planning & Zoning Board are:  Byron “Stump” Willie and Ramona “Tara” Umbach. Representing the City Building Department are Chris Winburn – Building Official, and Secretary Judy Cordoba.