Dr. Magic Still A Hit At Santa Fe

Local Magician Draws crowds with comedy and magic
By Merri Babbo

Magician and TV personality Dr. Magic has entertained guests at the Santa Fe Restaurant in Hammond for over six years with his unique blend of comedy and magic.

Many who have seen Dr. Magic on TV come to Santa Fe to see him perform live. His TV show is syndicated. The easiest way to watch it is online at DrMagicShow.com.

Once people see Dr. Magic live, they come back to see him again and again. That’s a big reason for his success at Santa Fe.

“Honestly, my husband and I came here (to Santa Fe) tonight to see Dr. Magic, eating is secondary,” said Sherl Powell of Hammond. “He’s great. I’m a big fan.”

76 year-old Mary McLin of Gonzales admitted that Dr. Magic was the reason she came to Santa Fe. “He’s my favorite magician,” McLin said. “I’m glad I have the chance to see him perform live.”

Mark Womack of Hammond said, “He’s very talented. I’ve seen magicians on TV or at big venues who aren’t as good as Dr. Magic. I know a little about sleight of hand and I’m telling you, he’s top notch. He’s easily the best sleight of hand artist I’ve ever seen. He has tremendous skill.”

Dr. Magic credits Santa Fe general manager Brian Lacombe with giving him the opportunity to be seen by so many people. “It was Brian’s idea to have me perform for guests waiting for a table and shorten their  wait by entertaining them. Working Saturdays has given me the opportunity to be seen by people who only eat out on weekends,” Dr. Magic said. “I’ve picked up new fans thanks to Brian and Santa Fe has picked up new customers who come back to see me and eat the wonderful food Santa Fe serves.”

Dr. Magic performs at the Santa Fe Cattle Company Restaurant in Hammond everyWednesday and Saturday from 6-8 p.m. Visit Dr. Magic at any of his three websites: DrMagicWorld.com, DrMagicMinions.com (fan site) or DrMagicShow.com (TV show site).