Dog Talk – Potty Training is a high priority


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As a volunteer for Dante’s Hope (Dog Rescue), I see people giving up on dogs because they can not potty train them.

We should educate ourselves and others on dogs and their behavior. My dream is to include this subject in the school systems. This is the main reason for the Dog Talk column -education!

We are all products of our environment and dogs are no different. I have found that even the dogs that are severely mistreated can be rehabilitated. When I put these dogs in a loving environment with structure and exercise, they improve 95%!

Potty training seems to be the hardest, especially for small dogs!

Kennel training is the best way to potty train. Until they get older, use the kennel like a bassinet. Always put the puppy in their kennel like a baby in their bassinet! Take the dog out every time it awakens, and to the same spot, to potty.

Be consistent and praise the dog every time it goes. Within a month or so, you should see success.

If you do not have time to train a puppy, I suggest adopting an older dog. You can teach an old dog new tricks.

If you are having trouble in this area, be sure to call your vet about fixing your dog. A male dog will tend to mark, especially if it is not neutered! It is best to fix all dogs in my opinion, because they live longer by as much as 10 years and they make better pets when they are fixed.

When you adopt from a rescue or shelter, the dogs are all fixed! This is how we control the dog population!  Please be a responsible owner and fix your dog. Remember, All Dogs Matter!
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