Ole Hardhide – Our Ponchatoula

By Ole Hardhide the Alligator

I tell you, Ben Cartwright doesn’t have a thing on our Tom Enmon, who is carving his own Jani-King Ponderosa out of the timber and the underbrush near the corner of Veterans and West Pine Street for his modern new office park.

Do you suppose he will name it “Hardhide Heights?”

Naw, I guess not.

Still, Ponchatoula is taking off and growing like I once fantasized Independence would grow and flourish. A gator tail salute to Mayor Bob Zabbia, to his super assistant with the Irish surname, sweet Rhonda Sheridan, and to their entire staff of crackerjack grant-getters and visionaries.

As the saying goes, “it wasn’t her first rodeo” but it is a good bet that Saturday’s Poker Run in Manchac sponsored by the Manchac Boat Association will not be the final one for Lucky Shelly Prescia who this past weekend took home the top prize, nearly $600.

That should buy a lot of bait.

Times doggie columnist Stephanie Kraemer told me, “A cowboy got a dachshund dog. Do you know why?”

“People were always telling him to ‘get a long, little doggie.’”

Once the Ponchatoula P.D. gets its big new kitchen up and running, I propose a cooking competition, to be judged by Great Griller and rumored Candidate for State Representative Mike Whitlow, pitting the legendary cooks of the Ponchatoula Fire Department against the local lawmen.

My bet will be on the smoke eaters because we know the PVFD is expert at controlling a fire.

I overheard Le Lowry talking into her cell phone to a friend:                               

“What’s the difference between a savings bond and a man?

“A savings bond matures.”

With all the brilliant lawyers in this parish, could not one of them file whatever court papers are needed to stretch out Summer for another month or two? How about it Clay Monroe?

“What’s the difference between a man with nine children and a man with nine million dollars? The man with nine children doesn’t want any more.”