Ole Hardhide’s Our Ponchatoula

Our Ponchatoula

By Ole Hardhide, the Alligator

The tremendously gorgeous manager of the Hammond Farmers Market (8-Noon Saturdays) Olivia Graziano has a serious challenger beauty-wise in market regular Lauren Forest, mother of Colin, Cary, and Clay. A stunning Bonnie blond beauty is she!

Olivia, meanwhile, has offered to mentor the organizers of the Sunday Farmers’ Market in Ponchatoula, launching in mid-September, because that is the way these good people roll.

No one can figure out why the Paduca, Kentucky Daily Star is asking anyone who will listen to vote for the best Italian restaurant in Tangipahoa Parish, when the winner is obvious. Of course it is Ristorante Foodies in the heart of Our Ponchatoula, America’s Antique City, owned by the son of the late legendary singing Italian restaurateur Piero Cenni, the handsome patriarch Paolo Cenni.

The precious women who eat and live right demonstrate the wisdom of their choices just by walking among us. Bless them every one.

Another Hammond Farmers Market beauty from Saturday, this one hailing from Ponchatoula, is Mike Fulmer’s pretty married daughter, Caitlin (Scates).

Meanwhile, back in Ponchatoula, Serena “Silky” Alexander is sponsoring children for a football league, Ponchatoula 1000 Green Wave. Her own training is ongoing at Ponchatoula Therapy where this scrappy mother is fighting back from illnesses that would bench lesser women.

Reminds me of the blind old Black newspaper vendor who sold more newspapers than anyone in Atlanta history by repeating this chant on the same street corner every day after work, for years: “Ain’t It Awful! Read About It! Read About It!”

Read about Serena in Times Reporter Amy Brennan’s story in next week’s Times.

The Ponchatoula Jamboree at PJHS is filling the night 5-7 p.m. August 15. Starting at left tackle is Michael Paulin. Keep your eyes on this player. He’s been Summer training in Ole Pinchpenny’s pool, steeling himself for the gridiron with encouragement from cheerleader Morgan Brennan, 5.

Bar-B-Que Station in Independence is great for, of course, barbecue, but do not miss out on Jimmy Gregory’s fried pickles, Crispy Caesar Salad, and BBQ Pork on a bun. They are the best!

Laurie Pelliterre, aka “Gidget,” is the sunny personality that all Times vendors include as the essential part of their Wednesdays, the day when The Times is distributed from store and restaurant countertops, to stand-alone newspaper dispensing machines, to firsthand sales.

When on the rare occasion Laurie cannot show up, the complaints roll in, not about the newspaper, but all about the absence of sweet Laurie.

And No, you cannot have her!

I realize that I am not as svelte as I once was but your gator is still not in the same class as 6-month-old 400-LB. Baby Hippo with the Irish name, Fiona, at the Cincinnati Zoo.

Ole Pinchpenny came back to the office all starry-eyed after Tuesday’s Port Manchac meeting where they were batting back and forth a plan to invite a 145 foot sternwheeler (that’s bigger than the Creole Queen) or other similar craft into Lake Pontchartrain for excursions on the lake. I know much more but have been sworn to silence. Shhhhhh!

When they dredge the pass at Manchac from nine to 12 feet for a new channel, do remember where you heard it first.

The past head of the New Orleans Port is now a consultant with the Pass Manchac folk, Gary LaGrange, who on Tuesday told the port commissioners (who all serve for no pay) “You can reach 32 states by barge (from North Pass) without ever touching land.

Led by Port CEO Patrick J. Dufresne and by former Entergy official and now Port President Donald J. Boihem, the port authority is sitting on our future and, luckily I guess, is overseeing all manner of projects you just don’t know about. For instance, you have heard that wildcatters this month will be drilling for “black gold” in Lake Pontchartrain?