Operation BBQ Relief now feeding Florida

Ponchatoula donates (left to right)  Elmers Regional Sales Manager Scott Scheuermann, Ponchatoula Chief of Police Bry Layrission, Tangipahoa School Board President and Louisiana State Lead for Operation BBQ Relief Mike Whitlow, United Barbecue Leauge Commisoner and Operation BBQ Relief Pitt Master Jeff Petekevicius, Attorney Parker Layrisson, and Elmers Sales Planning Manager Shelly Matherne. (Times Photo by Amy Brennan)

By Amy Brennan

Times Reporter

BBQ legends Mike Whitlow and Jeff Petekevicius of our Ponchatoula, just returned from the front lines of feeding the Hurricane Harvey victims in Houston. The two gentlemen took a quick break on Monday September 11th, to thank a few of our locals who generously donated to the cause.

Operation BBQ Relief is already headed to set up another deployment to help our friends in Florida. The location is The Germain Arena, located in Estero, Florida.  The arena was used as a shelter during Hurricane Irma as a place of refuge for approximately 5,000 citizens. Head of Field Operations for Operation BBQ Relief Bryan Roppolo, told The Times while in route to Florida.  He will be arriving with a convoy of trailers and supplies that they implemented using air drops in Houston that included private planes as well as military aircraft that included Chinooks and Black Hawk Helicopters and planned to do the same to Florida.