Ponchatoula expanding to I-55 with annexation

City limits to incorporate new JaniKing headquarters and business park

Times Report

At Monday’s regular monthly meeting of the Ponchatoula mayor and city council, city elders voted to annex 9.7 acres, the old Rose Allen property on the N.E. I-55 Service Road, to be used to construct a Ponchatoula business park to include the regional headquarters of Tom Enmon’s expanding JaniKing franchise.

Enmon bought the nearly 10-acre parcel and plans to turn it into a first-class office park, starting with a 10,000 square foot warehouse, followed by a 30,000 square foot Jani-King office building.

Enmon plans to construct modern office buildings on the rest of the campus.

Construction is expected to take 15 to 18 months. “We are not moving until the new building is ready, he said in answer to a Times question, adding, “Latter & Blum will be marketing the Campbell Building downtown,” he told The Times.

“It’s going to be a nice tax base for the city and for the parish,” Enmon said by way of understatement. Construction bids are due by the end of August

The headquarters operation is currently ensconced in the historic Campbell Building at the corner of West Pine and Northwest Railroad Avenue in the very center of the city. The Campbell Building and the brickyard that produced the building material for that edifice and several others of historic value in downtown Ponchatoula and in other Tangipahoa Parish municipalities, has been the subject of an excellent history written by local historian and educator Jim Perrin exclusively for this newspaper.

Upcoming Times reports will focus on plans for the future of the Campbell Building, while others will track progress on the new Jani-King regional headquarters.