Our Ponchatoula

By Ole Hardhide the Alligator

Shane McCrory can move next door to my cage any day he wants, his reputation as a super neighbor is so sound!

Hart Bordelon, vice president of Florida Parishes Bank fame, do you truly comprehend the value you have in Ponchatoula former First Lady Alice Gideon, as pretty as any Strawberry Queen? She brightens your Ponchatoula branch office so profoundly that when she is on duty, I walk in and look up to see if I can find a clue as to who ripped the roof off.

When I asked Times Photographer Le Lowry last week what all the fuss was about, she put down her Nikon long enough to explain that Miss Alice had turned 80 and Le was making a record of the event. After some kind soul picked me up off the pavement, I of course congratulated the great lady and wished her many more.

How about it Amite Mayor Buddy Bel? Do you suppose we could make a similar deal? I too would prefer to look 30, should I ever attain 80.

Then on Thursday I found myself at the Rotary Hut singing the birthday song to a man we all know and love, chemist/pharmacist Tommy Jackson, who is now 91.

Poor Old Pinchpenny the Publisher and longtime home brewer who takes forever these days trying to decide which local craft beer to order when he makes his rare trip to a local pub. Now he has entire breweries to choose from, the latest, Louisiana Purchase Brewing Company, is located on main street at 128 West Pine, convenient to the local downtown law offices (think Ernie Drake III and Clay Waterman).

Classic furniture maker (and high-class guy) Terry Wilde (of Wildewoods custom furniture) introduced the publisher to raisin beer earlier this week, which sent him on a search for bran flakes to go with it.

Hey, with Antique City booming, all those thirsty shoppers could use a cold one, or two, or . . .

Dog lovers take note. Starting this week you can enjoy “Dog Talk,” a column written exclusively for The Times by Stephanie Kraemer, owner of Stephanie’s Pet Cottage, 130 West Beech St. in Ponchatoula. If you or your wee ones are looking for a playful pooch to adopt, this is the place to find one.

Miss Stephanie works closely with another great Ponchatoula animal rescuer, Margaret Joiner of North Seventh Street fame, who lives dangerously close to David Gueldner and his magnificent Melissa.

I really like the Chamber’s notion of inviting antique car owners to park their prize possessions in America’s Antique City, especially during great crowd pleasers like this just-passed super successful Christmas In July event.