Dog Talk – Happy reunion!


Times Columnist

As you all know, I volunteer for Dante’s Hope Animal Rescue, so I get dogs brought to me all the time!

Well, a few weeks ago, I received a beautiful Boxer mix who was so well-behaved that I knew he belonged to someone. I couldn’t figure it out, but we had a connection. His picture and where he was found were posted online in hopes of reuniting him with his owner. No luck! So the rescue took him in and neutered him, as well as vetted him. (Shots, heart-worms, etc).
Now this dog was so obedient and sweet, I knew someone was looking for him. The rescue has to post these dogs for five days before they can take them in for adoption.

On Saturdays, all our rescues are taken to PetSmart in Baton Rouge for Adoption Day.
Well it had come time for Jake, this beautiful boxer mix, to find a new forever home! I hated it too! I wanted to find his original owner.
Saturday morning as I was walking out my front door, I saw an old friend pass by but not stopping so I called him and he returned to drink coffee. Our conversation started out with him explaining how he lost his dog a couple weeks ago! Just so happens, my friend lives where the dog was found!

When I asked what kind of dog, he responded a Boxer! My heart burst with excitement because I knew I had found the owner! Jake, as I found out his name, had hit the Lotto, as well as my friend Robert! Jake was off to adoption day at 8:30 that morning and this happened at 7:30!

When I brought Jake out to see Robert, it was obvious they had a connection. Reunited, and it feels so good! God is good and doing this kind of work is so rewarding! Come to find out, I had re-homed this dog with Robert two years ago. What a great ending to an otherwise sad story.
If you have time on your hands and love animals, I suggest looking into a dog rescue like Dante’s Hope and volunteer to foster or help at the adoption events every Saturday from 10-4.

We love happy endings!
Rescue On!
Stephanie Kraemer
Stephanie’s Pet Cottage